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CrossFit Training

Many of you have heard the buzz about Crossfit training and how great it is. But what are Crossfit training workouts really? Crossfit training is simply optimizing general fitness over a broad area of physical activity. Basically it is a combination of many exercises, which tax the aerobic and muscular systems simultaneously.

Why Zumba Is So Much Fun

When it comes to staying active and getting in shape, finding a workout that is both effective and enjoyable can sometimes feel like a challenge. However, Zumba has emerged as a popular and exciting option that effortlessly combines fitness and fun. This dynamic dance-based workout has taken the fitness world by storm, and for good reason – Zumba workouts are a perfect blend of exercise and entertainment.

10 Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is an ancient practice that has stood the test of time, offering a multitude of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits to those who embrace it. From increased flexibility to inner peace, the advantages of practicing yoga extend far beyond the mat. Here are 10 benefits of yoga that make it a valuable addition to your wellness routine.

Pilates - The Benefits

Have you been going to other exercise classes and want to try something different? Do you suffer from a bad back and need to find an answer? Read this article to find out about the 10 benefits of Pilates.

TurboKick Full Body Workouts

If you're on the hunt for a workout that's not only effective but also exhilarating, look no further than TurboKick. This high-energy fitness program has taken the fitness world by storm, offering full-body workouts that combine cardio, strength training, and martial arts-inspired moves. Get ready to sweat, punch, and kick your way to a stronger, fitter you.

Body Weight Training

In my opinion nothing beats a well-rounded body weight training routine in order to get the maximum results. When I first started exercising I lifted weights and ran like most people. No more. Since I've discovered the joys of bodyweight exercises in all their forms there is no looking back. Below are some reasons why I believe bodyweight training is the best.